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SNRPC receives Nevada Chapter of the American Planning Association Awards!Named after Saco Reink DeBoer, one of the master city planners of the 20th century and creator the Boulder City plan, the DeBoer awards honor excellence for exceptional projects and individual achievements in the planning field in Nevada. This past October at the 40th annual conference of the Nevada Chapter of the American Planning Association, the SNRPC Regional Plant List and the recently launched Neon to Nature, received the 2012 DeBoer Award in the category of Outstanding Planning Programs, Techniques and Tools and the Planning Award for Outstanding Public Outreach and Journalism, respectively. The Regional Plant List was developed by the Regional Urban Forestry Work Group. The Regional Urban Forestry Work Group was formed in 2008 to develop and promote principles and practices for the care and maintenance of trees throughout our community. The Work Group is comprised of representatives from local governments, public entities, and private-sector interests. The Regional Plant list, which includes columns of attributes to help arborists, architects, developers, and planners determine site- and climate-appropriate landscaping for projects in Southern Nevada, results in a powerful, flexible tool that will provide guidance to establish healthy, long-lasting landscapes that provide maximum benefits to the community.Neon to Nature, a searchable online map and database ( was designed to help residents and visitors locate trails throughout Clark County. This tool was created in partnership by the Southern Nevada Health District and the Regional Open Space and Trails Workgroup. Neon to Nature contains detailed descriptions of 390 trails in Southern Nevada. Many Southern Nevada residents use the walking and biking trails as a way to commute to work or school, in addition to using the trails for recreation and exercise. This tool is a great way for residents to locate and access trails in their neighborhood and throughout Southern Nevada.


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